5 Best interior design apps

With the advanced technology and rapid changing life there are many software’s that are built for interior designers. With many software’s there are many applications that you can search on your play store and download to use those amazing features. These applications are really helpful and considered best for the designers.

12 Best Interior Design Apps 2020 - Home Design & Decorating Apps

5 Best interior design apps


Houzz is one of the finest applications that you can pick. This app is best source for ideas that is related to this field. The users of Houzz can check more than 15 million photos of high resolution that can perfectly fit to your idea of home design. The photos you like can also be edited with a sketch option and also share them.

Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is another amazing app that all the interior designers can use. With this application you can easily draw a 2D or 3D floor plan in the way how your actual floor plan looks. Another amazing feature for this app is that you can add furniture’s and home decorations for realistic looks.

My Pantone

My Pantone is also one of the best interior design apps that you can use as this app is very simple to use and also very user friendly. This app will allow you to see various different colors that build palettes accordingly that you can share. You can also zoom in and take the part with color and change accordingly.

Bright Nest

One more interesting application that you can pick is bright nest which is popularly referred as life hacker for home which is very helpful for interior designers. You can also manage the task and schedule reminders. They are more like a digital assistant to your plus you can also get notified for multiple DIY home projects.

Magic Plan

Magic Plan is another application that can be picked by every person be it an interior designer or anyone else. If you are looking for any kind of renovation for new look at your home or if you have any remodeling plans. This app can get you little complexed but it quite easy to design and its comprehensive too.

These are some of the best interior design apps that you can download on your android and iOS phones. These apps are all related to interior designer fields that can be useful in many different ways.

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