5 Best interior designers in India

Interior designing was not given much importance before but now the time has changed. There are many amazing personalities who have come up in the filed of interior designing but here we have the best and the top 5 interior designers who are now the inspiration of many young generations.

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5 Best interior designers in India

Sunita Kohli

Sunita Kohli is one of the top designers of India who has won end number of awards plus she is also the first Indian who is been honored with Padma Shri for her incredible work that she is has done. She has designed many places but some of the most popular and known places are prime minister’s office, Parliament House Colonnade, Hyderabad house and Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Shabnam Gupta

Shabnam Gupta is another interior designer who comes on the top list who is best in her world. She has also won many awards for her contribution to this field. Some of the best work of Shabnam Gupta are Social in Pune, Bar Stock Exchange in Mumbai and Bangalore, designing homes of Kangana Ranaut and Rani Mukherji, etc.

Ambrish Arora

Ambrish Arora is also one of the best interior designers in India who has not been to any university and is a self-thought designer. He has also honored with many awards for his great work and achievements like reuse category award and world holiday building of the year. Some of their best works can be found in the mehrangarh museum trust, the crafts museum Delhi etc.

Lipika Court

Lipika Court is another famous and most popular interior designer that has designed for many amazing places and has been honored for the great work. Some of the best work of Lipika Court are Sharda University, Havells Corporate Office, many hotels and suits, Hyundai motors and many other outlets.

Manit Rastogi

Manit Rastogi is another top interior designer that is incredibly amazing in what he does. He has also been awarded many a times for his amazing creativity and designs he have built. He has also handled many amazing projects like pearly academy of Jaipur, chettinad health city auditorium, corporate office of Harley Davidson in Gurgaon and many more like that.

These are some of the 5 best interior designers in India that are known for their amazing work and great achievements both in commercial and residential spaces. Keep Visiting to know more on the same.

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