Best Ideas that you can use for haldi decoration at your home

When you are planning a wedding especially an Indian wedding there are many events and rituals that you don’t want to miss. One such function is a haldi ceremony and if you are planning to have a haldi ceremony at your home then we have some of the finest ideas for you.

Boost Your Wedding With Best Haldi Ideas Of 2020

Best Ideas that you can use for haldi decoration at your home

The Kite Tales – One of the best ways to decorate your house for haldi ceremony is by using kites for decoration. Kites looks more attractive and can fit in your budget. You can hang kites with colorful drapes at you home which can be done with no time.

The Merry Umbrellas – Another best way to decorate your house for a haldi ceremony is by using come colorful and attractive Rajasthani umbrellas that can easily fit in your house and look brighter and colorful. You can use umbrellas as a fall back or hanging or in other different ways.

Paper Lights – Another best idea for haldi decoration is that you can use colorful paper lights which looks amazing and attractive at your home. You must pick colors that are attractive and pop up. This is the best idea for instant decoration that looks beautiful plus they are easily available in the market.

Drapes and Dupattas – Another interesting idea that you can choose to decorate your house for the haldi ceremony is by using colorful dupattas or cloth drapes that just looks absolutely perfect. This is one of the finest ideas that you can pick when you don’t want to put in more or no money.

Bangles – One finest way that you can pick for haldi decoration is by using bangles. Yes, bangles are also fun elements that can be used to decorate your home. Use colorful bangles or use those colors that go with the haldi ceremony like red, orange, yellow and more such interesting colors but avoid glass bangles.

Rangoli – Another interesting decoration idea that you can pick for your home which hardly takes time is by having rangoli done. Rangoli really looks attractive especially in an Indian wedding. Rangoli can be done with the help of flowers or color powders or colorful rice. You can also play rangoli games in the wedding for more fun.

These are some of the best haldi decoration that you can pick for decorating your home which are eco friendly and budget friendly too.

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