DreamHost Real User Review : A Hosting For Your Needs

DreamHost is still considered one of the cheapest web hosting service provider. It has been regarded as the favorite for many web designers. The services provided by this web host are incredible and are out of the box. The designers always try to consider Dreamhost as their first preference for their websites. It was found in 1996 in Dallas. In today’s world, maximum sales happen on e-commerce sites, which makes it even more important to design the website in order to make it look presentable and convincing. The website host that you select for your website plays a crucial role here. The reason behind it is that the website host provider lays the foundation stone for a good website.

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More About DreamHost:

Dreamhost helps in making your website even more attractive, appealing, inclusive, and unique. The most important feature every website creator should take care of is that they should make sure that their website looks welcoming to all the viewers who are trying to reach to that web page. This web host service provider has won many awards in its past for providing an amazing web host service. It has always impressed the users and web designers. The price of the web host is another attractive feature of this host. It is cheap and affordable.

Along with that, it is also known for its best features and benefits, which it carries. This amazing web host has been serving around 1.5 million websites worldwide and has been providing web hosting services to them. Another great feature associated with this is that they also provide us with a 97-day cash back guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with the service provided by the web host, you can demand the complete cashback within 97 days. It ensures that such a situation never arises, and you will be absolutely impressed with its service. The shared host can be delivered in three packages that are monthly, one year, and three years.

Features of DreamHost:

For the provided packages, you can decide between Shared starter and Shared Unlimited. The shared starter is the best place for new beginnings where it easily provides word press for your website—the price proposed for this host is$2.59/mo. Where you will be getting one website, one free domain included unlimited traffic, free SSD storage, and free SSL certificate. You can choose the package as per your choice regarding the term plan. The monthly saver offer, in this case, would be 47%, which adds to its benefits. Next is Shared Unlimited, which you will be getting at $5.95/mo. Where you will be saving 45% monthly, this host will be giving you unlimited websites, free domain, unlimited traffic, free SSD storage, and free SSL certificate.

The term plan remains the same for this too. When we talk about the word press hosting, Managed WP hosting is even more powerful. It offers you three options which are Dream Press Basic, Dream Press Plus, and Dream Press Pro. Dream Press Basic provides you with 30 GB SSD storage while Dream Press Plus provides you with 60 GB SSD storage, and Dream Press Pro will be providing you with 120 GB SSD storage.

When you choose Dream Press, you are choosing the best features like bulletproof backups, which will help to keep your website safe and secure, built-in caching which will help in increasing the speed of the internet and also a variety of themes, plugins to make your site more attractive and appealing. It is super easy to use and helps in managing web hosting. When you are stuck, the 24/7 support will take you out of it.

No matter whether your website is big or small or professional, Dreamhost always has a solution for your website problems. You can produce rich e-commerce websites with the help of the web host. It is absolutely secure, reliable, and trustworthy. You can always be a happy, loyal, and satisfied customer of Dreamhost.

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