Hostwinds :  Most Fast, Better and Affordable Hosting provider.

Hostwinds is a web hosting provider that is used for small occupation services. It has features like infinite bandwidth, spaces, free SSL certificate, site migrations, website builder, webmail accounts, and many more. It is available more affordable in the market.

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Hostwinds Plans:

There are three plans in web hosting, such as Basic, Advanced, Ultimate. The one & only difference between the packages is the number of sites to be set up per account. These are all shared web hosting plans.

Hostwind Pricing:

The pricing of the above mention three subscriptions varies from $6.99 to $10.99, including various features individually. Its host winds web hosting plans Basic ($6.99 per month), Advanced ($8.99 per month), and Ultimate ($10.99 per month). Apart from this costing, there used to be ongoing several exclusive offers up to 65% off.

Hostwinds Features:

Hostwinds have the features that you will want to be present on your website.

Nightly Backups:

All our shared web hosting plans come with the feature to use nightly cloud backup as an additional service. One who owned our hosting service can rest easy knowing the fact that your data is not going in vain. It gives you the flexibility to decide for how long you want to backups the file.

Website Monitoring:

Our website monitoring service keeps eyes on your site in a regular 24×7 manner. There should not be any crashes for a long time as our support engineer resolves it automatically. Or, if you have any problem, then you can raise a ticket for your assurance.

Full Management:

Hostwind offers 24*7*365 support from our industry for leading hosting service experts. We are a team that will assist you with any technical issues or any type of technical question related to your website.

Multiple Hosting 

HostWinds is known to have strong resources and infrastructure. Having a strong infrastructure always results in the improvement of services and products. It was swift enough to capitalize and made a strong impact on the expanded its web hosting services. It has created a wide range of plans,s such as hosting, private hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting. It is really understandable that shared hosting is best for small business setups as the starter’s plans come with affordable pricing policy. However, for the basic plan, it misses out on important such as faster servers, SSD storage, which can be available only in the business plan or the dedicated hosting plan.

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When we talk about hosting services, there’s one time that we might overlook, and that’s’ UPTIME.’ It’s the number of times a website can go down for maintenance or just’ wake up’ time. This may be an important factor for the company because if a website sometimes goes down, there may be cases where consumers or clients start to have problems with reliability or confidence. Hostwinds has an uptime of almost 99.99 percent, which is better than the majority of Webhosting service providers currently on the Internet and four data centers located in the US, it is more unlikely that your website will ever go down.

Extra Bonus Services

Additional services are available on the Hostwinds website and can be your only stop for all the needs your business might need.

The SSL certificate is very critical for a company and can be one of determining whether or not the website is secure. You can sign it and enjoy the services it provides.

Email Management is one of the resources that your company may need and offers the ability to send emails to clients and potential clients.

Domain Registration Domain Purchases and domain transition can be achieved through the services provided by Hostwinds.

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