How to use light in landscape?

It is true that in landscape images come out good because in the workshop they can dial up bu using their artificial lighting according to their will. While in the case of natural scenery this case is different as it creates a lot of possibilities to leave a wonderful location as lighting can be an issue as the sun was not is not always there. Even if it’s nice to catch natural light that is even more spectacular and than we ever thought possible, that will make it much more fun.

Focus Your Light

When the illumination in the input images is mostly correct, in a Camera Raw or Lightroom post-production you occasionally require only a soft radial filter with an increased exposed space +5-10. As a better user, you’ll probably use the relatively new mask function within the Lightroom, or even more so you will work with masks of light within the Photoshop. This gentle increase of light will already lead you. Of note, it is important to change light absolutely in the post too. However, further research is expected. So normally several layers, so you must note that dealing with light can affect the image’s contrast so hues.

Enhance the Light

You can illuminate and darken your image by different techniques. In Photoshop, I use a 50% gray layer and thwart it with color and high luminosity. It can be used to illuminate the masks to focus and shine highlights in a color tone that suits the area chosen. It is a good way to improve bright borders. That way, for example, you can discern further reflections on a pier from the setting sun.

Side lighting

This kind of lighting known as the Side lighting is an effective lighting source for showing the texture and shape of a particular subject. It casts beautiful subtle shadows to create a sense of the subject’s dimensions and thus a more with which the viewer can better relate. Since the development of a three-dimensional portrait is often one of the key priorities of the portrait photographer, it aims to capture the quality image by side lighting.

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