Know about the best Travel Bloggers and their Blogging sites of India

Many of the people love writing about travelling but most of the blogs really don’t have fresh and real content. There are numerous blogs that are present on the web right now, but are they really worth reading? Here we have some of the best travel blogging sites and their bloggers.

The 31 Best Travel Blogs To Follow In 2020 | Wanderlust

Know about the best Travel Bloggers and their Blogging sites is one of the best blogging sites that you can pick to read. Mridula Dwivedi who is best travel bloggers in India is writing blog for this website for more than 12 years now. she is one of the best bloggers who gave up her academic career and came into writing. Here blog covers every topic that you have been looking for. is another amazing blog that you must go through to get the finest article. This blog is handled by Prasad Np who is very much interested in writing. He is more like a solo traveler and a back packer where you can find interesting and fun articles where you can get to know about the do’s and don’ts of that particular place. is also one of the best websites to visit. Dheeraj Sharma who is one of the best travel bloggers in India where he loves writing about travelling mainly about the Himalayas and other northern region where you can also make sure that you don’t miss out on any latest update about that region. is another amazing website that you can wish to read about travel. This blog is well handled by Indrani Ghose who is into blogging from more than 10 years. This site not only has some amazing articles but also have excellent portraits displayed in her article where she makes sure every single view is captures that is important for you to see. is another interesting website that you can visit and read. Lakshmi Sharath is not only one of the best travel bloggers in India but also a very famous journalist. She beautifully writes about her travel experience that you can choose to read with some of the best pictures with it. She covers every corner of the particular place he is blogging about.

These are some of the travel bloggers and their website that you must surely visit and read their content. There have some of the best articles that you can read.

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