Most popular travel niches

Travel blogging is one of the most fun and interesting niches that is picked by many bloggers as you not only love to travel but also you can put them in words. Travel blogging is a very huge concept there are many sub niches that you can pick according to your preferences and what you enjoy the most.

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Most popular travel niches

Adventure Travel

Adventure travel is one of the most amazing topics that you can pick for your blog. The new generation is really interested and browsing for places that have lot of adventure and physical activities like scuba diving, trekking, cycling, rock climbing, cycling, safaris and more such adventurous sports. There are also many other soft adventurous like bird watching or northern lights, stargazing, bird watching, desert campaign and more.

Destination Travel

One of the most popular type of travel niches that you can pick for your blogging. if you love and are really passionate about travelling to some of the most famous and popular destination around the word then this travel niche is just right for you. You can blog about some of the most popular destination like Italy, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and other such popular destination which you have visited.

Bucket List Trip

Bucket List Trip is another type of niche that you can pick for travel blogging. You can pick to write on the best places that you think to write on that many of audience are looking for or some unique places that you have to visit. You can also choose to pick topics like sky diving or swimming with dolphins that are there in your bucket list. There are many endless and exciting topics that you can pick.

Cruise Travel

Another niches that you can pick is to write on cruise travel. In this travel industry this is one of the trendiest and on-going topics that you can pick for yourself. You can write on many related topics to this niche like the best cruise trips or travel trip and more. If you are really passionate about cruise and travelling across the country then this niche is perfect for you.

These are some of the most popular and interesting travel niches that you can pick for your blog. These niches are picked by most of the bloggers as they are not only passionate about but also they have a huge audience base for the same.

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