Reviews of Scala Hosting Plans

Scala Hosting is a small growing web hosting company that has its security features and hosting options. This hosting can be ideal if you are looking to start your own business online. You can look into the specifications based on the website needs because you will be paying only for the need requirements. The company will offer three types of hosting plans then you can choose according to the plan mentioned on the website. So, the company will use E3 and dual E5 processors on its servers which have 32GB of RAM and gigabit connectivity and all the servers are powered by SSD feature.

Also, the company will provide daily backups using R1soft CDP backup technology and can keep 7 days worth of backup on files. Even the backup technology is integrated into the cPanel for performing a restore yourself without contacting the customer support. Below are the reviews of Scala hosting plans.


Shared Web Hosting Plan

The Scala Hosting has 4 budget shared hosting plans available where it is divided into packs like Mini, Start, Advance, or eCommerce plan. Whichever plan you choose, it will be hosted on the SSD powered server. The Mini plan will have 10GB of web space, however, other plans will offer unlimited space. Whereas Advance and eCommerce plans will come with free domain registration and SEO analysis as well. You can use tools like PHP, MYSQL, Ruby on Rails, and Perl5 on all shared hosting plans. Even the company will offer free daily and weekly backups stored on remote servers for all shared hosting users. Scala hosting has a 99.9% uptime guarantee on all websites and if not, the money will be returned backed within 30 days.

Reseller Hosting Plan

Scala Hosting has 4 types of reseller hosting plans and there named Scala1, Scala2, Scala3. Furthermore, choose your plan according to the amount of disk space needed. You can select from 25GB, 50GB, and 75GB. All of the plans from Scala2 and Scala3 include unlimited bandwidth. This kind of plan will come with unlimited cPanel accounts which are suitable for exactly 2,000 daily visits per account. Even you can have more visitors than the estimate as long as you are not utilizing more CPU and RAM resources for 24 hours. So, all reseller hosting plan is SSD powered just like shared hosting servers. Also, the reseller hosting plan will include free tools such as Google SEO tools and CDN with more than 100 locations.


Managed Cloud VPS Hosting:

Moving on to Managed VP hosting, this one comes with four different plans which are Start, Advanced, Business and Enterprise. All these are available at $9.95, $21.95, $41.95, $63.95 per month respectively. Just like the other plans this too comes with a bunch of different premium features such as CPU cores, RAM and Free SSD disk space. 

Now, the denominations vary from plan to plan. Alongside these, the user will also receive SPanel Control Panel, Daily Remote backups, SShield Security Protection, Dedicated IP Address, etc. 

Self-Managed Cloud VPS Hosting:

The Self-managed Cloud VPS Hosting also comes with similar types of plans which are Start, Advanced, Business and Enterprise. All these plans are available at $10.00, $19.00, $33.00 and $49.00 per month respectively. Just like the managed cloud VPS plans this also comes with CPU cores, RAM and SSD’s. 

But unlike the managed cloud plans this provides you with the flexibility of choosing the denominations of this plans according to your choice. So, if you want more CPU’s, more RAM or more SSD space, then you can choose them according to your choice. But as the denominations increase the price of the plans go up as well.

Scala Hosting has got every hosting solution from budget options for small organizations to plans for large co-operations. You will be paying the amount for the services you are choosing and need not pay extra on other services that are chosen from the plan. So, I would recommend Scala Hosting who is looking for the best services in the hosting industry.

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