Siteground Hosting Review : Why you need to choose SG hosting over others.

Many of us wonder what is hosting and what is the need for it? Well, we all know that the website is a collection of webpages. If it has to go live on the world wide web, you need hosting. Coming to the point, Site ground is supposed to be one of the best web hosting platforms as it qualifies the basic requirement from the client end i.e. performance and speed. There are some of the web hosting platforms as well but then what makes site ground special? Stay tuned!

Pros of Siteground Hosting:

I feel that they are very kind to their client as they are ready to provide 30 days money-back guarantee. They also make sure that the uptime is no lesser than 99.7%, which is excellent. The page speed is yet again an essential factor from the customer point of view. They make sure that your page loads faster compared to other hosting as you know that visitor is not going to wait for long.


They ensure that they provide a one-stop solution at cost-effective pricing. The start-up plan starts from a considerable amount of $3.27 per month. The pricing totally varies from one plan to another. The growbig plan might cost you around $5.95 per month. So, it is quite natural that you might get a query of what is the major difference between the start-up plan and grow a big plan? In the start-up plan, you are allowed to host only one website but then, in another plan, you will get to host unlimited websites along with 30 days back up.

Customer Support:

Customer support is a very important aspect that each and every company has to focus on and Siteground promises to deliver 24/7 support irrespective of what queries are. They have a team wherein they take care of all your tickets and make sure that it is solved in max 24 to 48 hours.

Shared Hosting 

SiteGround strength always been in the shared hosting market and continues to offer shared hosting plans even now also.  The 100% uptime guarantee will attract small businesses and the resources are also unlimited/unmetered on all whereas the less plan will include storage, bandwidth, email accounts, and domains.

Loading Speed Fast

Site Ground has a very good uptime and also very high loading speeds, that is the main drawback of site ground has and it evaluates our web host and sites. This is a very important aspect while building the website if your website loading is low, which makes a bad impression of the website and you cannot rank the websites as fast, because no one is sticking to your website as your site loader is low. Site Ground has a loading speed of 800ms and this is the leading loading hosts as of now and no one is beaten in this hosting.

Security Features

They have high-security features and they are taken that one is serious, because the first and foremost customer will see security and their data wants to be safe, that’s why they are taking high precautionary measures. SiteGround has a high protocol to protect their datacenter’s, where severs located. On the other hand, they have different kinds of security tools, some of them are spam protection, Al bot protection and Firewall and also some security applications.

Additionally, you can get a free activation on cloud fare CDN, which will improve website performance and that protects from spamming and malware action. Also, you can get free SSL certification on hosting purchase.


WordPress is one of the essential tools for building website and you get this service absolutely free with the hosting. For instance, you want to transfer the site, you don’t have to worry you just have to contact the support team and transfer the site.

SiteGround has a variety of features and that is different from others, they have an excellent review from across the world. When the company has these many pros, why don’t you go with it? Stay connected to us for more such sections. Thanks for reading!

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