The best architects in India that you can follow

Architecture is a discipline of this nature that has a great deal of variety in the world and even in India. Here you can show your imagination and help people create their dream they like, and you can make a living doing the same thing. If you are looking on how become architect, follow the best architects in India are listed.

Let’s have a look on some of the best architects in India that you can follow.

Hafeez Contractor – Hafeez Contractor is said to be one of the best architects in India recognized for the outstanding and well-known projects he has received. He holds a degree in architecture from the University of Mumbai and then holds a master’s degree in architecture from Columbia University. Some of his best designs are twin towers in Mumbai, Omaxe 2 in Lucknow, DB corporate house in Mumbai, main 42 in Kolkata and several others.

Raj Rewal – Raj Rewal is also one of India’s best leading architects, renowned for his excellent work. He graduated from New Delhi’s School of Architecture and then went to London’s Brixton School for further study. The Indian National Science Academy, the New Delhi National Hall of Nations, the Parliament Library Building and several other projects are some of his excellent and exceptional projects.

Brindda Somaya – Brinda Somaya is also one of the best and most popular architects in India who graduated from Mumbai University and then graduated from smith College in the United States. She was honored for her amazing work, which included some of her remarkable projects. Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, Tata Consultancy in Indore, Kensington Club in Nasik, World One Towers in Mumbai and several more are some of the best projects.

BV Doshi – BV Doshi is also said to be one of the finest architects in India to have displayed his excellent work. He graduated from Mumbai’s J School of Architecture. He was also honored with several awards for his service. Any of the best projects are Amdavadni Gufa in Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, Sangath in Ahmedabad, NIFT in Delhi and many other such outstanding projects.

There are some of the brightest and best architects in India who are best at what they are doing. They are architects who are known for their innovative ventures and imaginative designs are inspiration for all who are looking forward on how become architect. Keep visiting to know more for such insightful post. Thank you so much for all the time.

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