The unique buildings in the world

There are numerous architectural wonders throughout the world, with several iconic buildings that visitors admire. You can see so many different styles, from classical buildings to the most excentricious and even odd. We have chosen some of the buildings that you will enjoy from our list.



Cubic Houses, Rotterdam, Netherlands

The complex was built by Dutch architect Piet Blom, who had the idea of building a tree-like structure with houses. It’s an entire structure of higher-level apartments, small enterprises on the ground and even schools and kids’ playgrounds. The building looks quite interesting from outside, and several foreign visitors have been involved would like to see how it looks like inside one of the structure hence the owner chose to make his building  available for regular trips.

Crooked House Sopot, Poland

,lThis building belongs to the shopping center of Sopot and was constructed in 2004. It is located in Sopot ,  a small town in Poland. It is also known as a seaside resort or the Crooked Tower. the building took its inspiration from the  fairytale figures Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg and elegant Antonio Gaudí buildings.

Dancing House, Prague, Czech Republic

The Dancing House is an unusual building situated in the middle of Prague that draws many tourists all year long. In 1992, in partnership with architect Frank Gehry, founder of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Croatian-Czech architect Vilado Milunic the building was designed. While anything relevant to art and culture was to have been housed, the building was converted into a department with a restaurant above.


Waldspirale, Darmstadt, Germany

The forest spiral, a residential project in Darmstadt, Germany, was built in the 1990s. It is called the spiral park.It is a remarkable building resembles the Hundertwasserhaus, one of the most impressive buildings in Vienna.  The architecture disliked straight lines and curve so it can be seen in its building.   Since he was an ecologist and every building he built is a mixture of architecture and natures hence you will see very less use of lines and curves but more natural stuff.


These are some of the unique buildings in the world, we hope that you liked our article.

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