Ways of using Affiliate marketing for Bloggers

Well, if you are thinking of starting a blog for making money through an affiliate, then it would be ideal for writing content for promoting or selling a particular product or maybe brand.  So, in return, you will be compensated for your efforts in the amount equivalent to the percentage of the revenue earned by the seller through your website.

Also, you need to have an independent website or blog, and then your content must be geared towards promoting the product or brand and blog affiliate links, which directs the reader to the seller’s page when it comes to affiliate programs for bloggers. Below are the Ways of using Affiliate marketing for Bloggers.


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ShareASale will offer pay-per-sale, pay-per-load, and pay-per-click affiliate programs with a minimum payout of $50. ShareASale’s partners will include Groodealz, jane, Healthy Wage, Tailwind, Picmonkey, and cents of style while some of their programs are Blurb, Studio Press, CreativelIve and Grammarly. So, there is a five-step sign-up process, and once this has been completed, then you will receive a referral link to be incorporated into your website, and payment is monthly through bank transfer.


 AWIN is the global Affiliate marketing network that has 30,000 brands on its networks and has an impressive array of global merchants that includes Groupon, Marks, and Spencer, Etsy, Trip Advisor. So,  AWIN can be suitable for all kinds of blogs where you should be able to find some offers that can fit within your niche. Also, AWIN can be ideal for affiliate programs for bloggers.


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As the name implies, this will offer flexibility in the form of earning extra income from home. FlexOffers is constantly expanding and gaining a fine reputation as the company with the list of merchant partners by including Lyft, Sephora, Macey’s Lord, and Taylor.

Amazon Associates

This is the most popular affiliate program and will offer 10% percent commissions on all qualifying purchases simply by advertising products for Amazon.com. The best part about the Amazon program is that the visitors do not have to purchase the exact item you send them to, and they will credit you for purchases of any item they make that day.

The above-mentioned programs are the ideal affiliate programs for bloggers. I hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about Ways of using Affiliate marketing for BloggersThanks for reading!

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