WebHostingPad Review by some of our top users

If you are in need of hassle-free web hosting, then this is what you should be investing your money in. Well, you don’t have to take my word for it as the term “Hassle-Free” is mentioned right on the website of WebHostingPad. Well, most taglines provided by various companies are just hollow promises, but the case with WebHostingPad is quite different as they deliver what the promise. But that’s just not all, as they have quite a lot of other features as well. A few of these features have been mentioned below.

Features of WebHostingPad:

Being a top-tier hosting service provider, they provide their users with a lot of features that are quite beneficial for them. Well, here are a few major features of WebHostingPad. Hopefully, this would be of help to you.

Domain Name:

How cool or beneficial would be if you just got a free domain name? Quite helpful. Well, this is what you will be getting right after you register with WebHostingPad. The validity of this free domain is a year, but after that, you can just make the full payment and keep using it.

Website Builder:

Weebly is the name of the website builder that has partnered up with WebHostingPad and trust me; they are considered as one of the best when it comes to website building. Using this website builder is quite easy as all that you need to do is drag and drop, and the rest of the work will be done by AI. But suppose that Weebly doesn’t suit your taste, then you can just opt for RVSiteBuilder, which is another good website builder. This might not be as good as Weebly, but it’s quite close.


Whatever, Hosting company you buy your hosting from, without a doubt, you will be provided with a certain variation of the control panel. Well, if you are someone who is using WordPress, then it will provide you with a WordPress enhanced cPanel, and it goes so on.

But the cPanel is not the only thing that will come with the plans of WebHostingPad. A program called Sofataclous is a program that is used to install apps on a website, and you will be able to avail it for free.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Well, WebHostingPad has a money-back guarantee policy as they will refund the amount that you have paid to avail of their services. But that is only for a period of 30 days. If you are interested in using their services, then you can just use these 30 days as a trial run, and after that, you can decide whether you want to keep using their services or not.

Customer Support:

They will provide you with a lot of video tutorials, glossaries, and a knowledge base, and all these are for if you face any whatsoever trouble with their services. Apart from that, you can even avail live chat, or you can contact them via Email. If that doesn’t even work for you, then you can just call them up at any given moment. They are available 24/7, and their employees are quite patient and will stay with you until your queries are solved—this what you can call efficiency.

Site Transfer:

Everything comes with pros and con’s and like that, this what’s bad about WebHostingPad. Well, it’s not that bad as you might be thinking about. There are few caps on the amount of data that can be transferred. Well, it’s quite understandable as they are someone who mostly hosts smaller websites.

Well, these are some of the major features of WebHostingPad. And apart from this, there are quite a lot of other features as well. If you want to use their services, then go ahead. If you don’t like their services, then you can just stop using within 30-days, and you can get a refund of the whole amount paid by you.

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