What is modernism in architecture?

Sea Lane House, Angmering-on-Sea, West Sussex

The architecture reflected the postmodern age needed the appropriate for the latest architectural design. Throughout the year, World War I, this new style of modern architecture rose from many countries.
Appropriate use of modern building materials and technologies, the ideals of functionalist design, and refusal of historic examples and ornamentation formed the basis for modern architecture that emerged at the beginning of the 20th century. Modern architecture is focused on ideas generated through lines, fundamental forms, and shapes. The key features of the modern architecture are thus plain, flat, rectangular shapes, geometrical patterns, and linear elements. This modern style became most evident in the design of Skyscrapers.

Types of Modern Architecture 

 Modernism architecture can further be subdivided into four styles:

  • International
  • Expressionist
  • Constructivist Style
  • Brutalist

Characteristics of Modern Architecture:

 Clean Aesthetics

Simple molding were being used to give way to clean aesthetic where materials meet in simple, well – executed joints.

Modern Building Materials 

Blocks of cement were used as a final product. In uncovered applications structural members are applied, surfaces have been decorated or shown, and long-lasting steel trunks allow unrestricted public column space.s.

 Focus on Detailed  Materials: 

Throughout certain instances, the texture and character of stained wood are expressed as part of modern architecture.   Fine wood, instead of the colored ones, is decent for expressing natural character.

 Use of open and natural space 

In modern structure areas such as Living, dining, and kitchen areas are collectively planned as a part of the continuous space. In most cases, living areas are not specified by walls or corridors, they are just big floor space.

Proper use of Glass and Natural Light: 

The use of glass is greatly utilized, as Large glass windows from ceiling to floor can be used for deep penetration of natural light, even offering dramatic views.

Proper utilization of sun for comfort

The house is shaded by long overhangs and recessing openings in the summer. Architects aimed at exploiting the natural forces and providing solar heating in winter. So modern architecture differs from other architectural styles in this case. The above features are present in the new age of architecture in all modern buildings.

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